Sunday, 8 April 2012

Capsters® Background

Capsters® is a range of head accessories that can be used for different purposes. Our sports range can be worn for different sports activities, and our casual line consists of models for everyday wear. The exclusive line can dress you up for special occasions. The history of Capsters lies in the graduation project of designer Cindy van den Bremen at the Design Academy Eindhoven back in 1999.
The concept is based on the idea to give Muslim girls and their gym teachers in the Netherlands an alternative to the traditional hijab to wear during gym class. The designs are realized in close co-operation with Muslim girls and an Imam. Due to all the positive publicity, orders started coming in and soon the brand Capsters® was born. In 2001 the first sports range was launched and has been sold worldwide since. Not only Muslim women showed interest, but also other women and even men. For several years now Capsters has served an international and diverse clientele.

Capsters® is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA.

The Capsters sportsmodels have won a Good Design Award in Japan in 2002.

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